Serenity Series

Serenity series treatments designed to revitalize your SPIRIT 
Bring wellness to your BODY
and quiet your MIND

Steam-ladyBreathe Deeply Sinus and Respiratory Therapy

$50/40 minutes

Deep breathing revitalizes the body, steadies the emotions, and relieves respiratory tension.  By increasing the amount of oxygen in the body it’s effect is to reduce stress, clear the mind, and improves healthy functions of the organs.
This therapy begins with a gentle scrub applied to the upper torso, concentrating on the muscles between the ribs, this releases tension and allows for proper movement of the breath through the respiratory passages.  A warm compress saturated with the essential oils of eucalyptus, cardamon, and clove continues to open up the breath.
You will drift to deep relaxation while a steady flow of aromatic steam eases sinus pressure, headache, and aids in the release of respiratory tension.
Your mind will unwind with a pressure point facial massage to aid in de-congestion and eliminate puffiness.
This therapy is for wellness not a treatment for illness.
Breathe in the Benefits of Health and Well-Being

sole revivalSole revival

$30/ 30 minutes

Often times our feet are the hardest working parts of our bodies and the last to get any attention, it’s time to take care of your feet. Your feet do so much to support you reward them with a revitalizing effervescent peppermint foot soak which makes sore feet refreshed and helps to relieve aches and pains. Next the feet are vigorously massaged and exfoliated using a Japanese palm fiber foot brush leaving them smooth and soft. Finish this pampering treatment with a sole nourishing foot massage with Alani’s sooth your sole foot balm rich in plant oils butter and essential oils that protect, soothe and heal the feet the final touch in ultimate softness.

Peace of Mind Scalp MassagePeace of mind

$40/ 35minutes

The Head is the epicenter of thought, emotional vitality and controller of body wellness.
Unwind your mind with a soothing scalp massage utilizing  specific pressure points to reduce tension and stress.  Guided relaxation techniques will provide you with an antidote to stress.
Alani’s signature calm balm is massaged into temples and fore head. Allowing the healing powers of lavender, bergamont, and clementine to support a clam and balanced feeling.
As tension drains away from your body rest with and eye pillow and soothing music allowing the peace of mind to fully sink in.

A Firm and Fabulous Body WrapA Firm

$80/60 minutes

You know the parts of your body with the lumps, bumps, stretch marks, and cellulite, that aren’t necessarily your favorite parts, show your body some love and appreciation with A Firm and Fabulous Body Wrap targeting the thighs and stomach.

The treatment begins with a vigorous dry brushing of the body to stimulate circulation, exfoliate the skin and remove toxins from the body. The targeted areas will be covered with a warm mud mask of organic marine extracts, and enjoy waves of minerals and amino acids to re-hydrate, repair, refine the texture of the skin and increase circulation.
Feel cozy wrapped with warm blankets.
A relaxing scalp massage to soothe the mind.
An application of Alani’s A Firm Body Oil with all natural oils, extracts of pomegranate seed oil, vitamin E, clementine peel oil, grape seed oil, to name a few.  This oil blend has been chosen to uplift the spirit, soothe the body and to increase confidence and to affirm that you are Fabulous.

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